The Center for Gynepathology Research, launched in the fall of 2009, brings new frontiers of engineering to bear on understanding the basic biology, physiology, and pathophysiology of the female reproductive tract, in collaboration with biologists and clinicians. It also includes research efforts focused on developing new technologies for diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, and fosters liaisons with industry. Research in the Center leverages all facets of engineering, with an emphasis on “biological engineering—fusing approaches from tissue engineering and systems biology to understand disease etiology and progression. The Center hosts seminars and workshops on topics related to gynepathologies and provide infrastructure for experimental work with primary cells and tissues from patients, thereby fostering development of new gynepathology-related projects at MIT and in the local Cambridge/Boston community. Current clinical studies are directed at understanding origins and progression of several diseases, and involve patients who are undergoing surgery or other treatments for gynecological problems or infertility at Newton Wellesley Hospital or in the practices of clinical collaborators in Norway, Brazil, Singapore and at Tufts University.


Linda G. Griffith, PhD Keith B. Isaacson, MD
Linda G. Griffith, PhD
Scientific Director
 Keith B. Isaacson, MD
Clinical Director